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Apple devices

iPhone 7

The iPhone has always been the mobile phone that has the company of Apple has been manufacturing. Of these we find several models. The first of the iPhones that developed was the call iPhone 1 done in 2007. After we saw that this model of iPhone pleased much to the people and had many sales. Later went on sale the iPhone 2, successively until you reach the last iPhone today in day, we are talking about the iPhone 6.

Currently are already beginning to have rumours about the features that we will be able to show the future iPhone 7.

All of iPhones - iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5

According to the analysis that have made the new iPhone will be from the operating system iOS 10 and its characteristics:

– Shows us a processor to10.

– With a wonderful 3Gb of RAM.

– A fantastic double chamber.

– Connection LiFi and offline headset jack. If you do not know what is the connection LiFi simply is cheaper, more efficient and faster than the WiFi.

– Increase mAh battery.

– Water Resistant.

– Dual sim.

– And finally 256GB of storage.

Let us hope that many of these rumors are realized and the iPhone 7 become the best smartphone history. The truth is that if this is the case, it will be spectacular.


As you already know the iPad is a product of Apple. Is a tablet PC.

To a tablet PC I am referring to is a touch screen without a keyboard or mouse. Although they could be added by a base. Right now they are selling the iPad PRO.

If you know which are the iPod will also know that the iPad is an evolution of that. The iPad are reproduction equipment with audio, image and sound. In its evolution made them more large and impressive. In addition to all of this comes equipped an Internet connection and a proprietary operating system. This gives you the advantage of being a good laptops in the form of a tablet. It also allows to take it very easily to any site. And finally have connectors to be connected to a TV, PC or Smartphone.

iPad Pro Apple Devices - bbc - Urdu

The characteristics of this wonderful device are:

– We can make video recordings that incorporate camera, in addition to this we will be able to listen to music.

– Carries microprocessor of 2 cores and as we have said before a proprietary operating system called Ios.

– Without forgetting, has wireless technology, wi-fi 3G and the new internet connection 4G.

– Has gyroscope, i.e. if tours the iPad is automatically put in the form of a screen as you post.

– And finally 3 very important things that are Accelerometer, Compass and speakers.

A lot of people have convinced him the iPad because they like its size and its extreme fineness in the thickness. One of the more impressive things of the iPad is that you can add multiple gadgets, for if you do not know what is a gadget right now so I am going to explain. A gadget are small programs that many of them are already involved in the tablet and other you can download from the internet with great ease. Can be for many types of things (game, shopping, send FREE messages and various other options).

That the iPad has been made, has served to a lot of people who felt uncomfortable with laptops.


The iPod is a product of Apple, very similar to the iPad only that the iPad is as an improvement of this. It is a digital audio player and a portable hard disk with a capacity of 10GB, 15GB or even 30GB. Like the iPad, iPod can also connect with a cable to a television, etc. But the most important thing is that you can connect through a port direWire or USB. Now people can pass downloaded music from your computer to your iPod, the truth is that it is a great advantage and very useful. You can download up to 10000 songs, a number of very high.

This device is very easy to use and navigate with the touch of the screen for use with a single hand.

iPod Nano

If you want a workout and you want to listen to music do not worry because with CD players you can do so. Olvidate of all CDs and things you have to carry because the iPod can withstand any kind of audio file formats. As for example, MP3. And one of the most important things of the iPod is that it also includes games, a calendar, text notes and voice and finally an alarm clock. With the possibility of adding a multitude of gadgets that are appearing for this device.

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