Line Creator Stickers

Line Creator Stickers

Today we will explain how to create stickers in Line Creator Stickers.

The first thing is to register to have an account and follow the progress:

– We will start by filling the given necessary to register as an illustrator.

– Then put the text that includes the title and description of the stickers and raises the necessary images.

– Once you have done this step, you will receive the text and images, they will receive your message in accordance with its criteria of sales.

The next step because we are in motion with the sale of stickers.

When you already have the text, image and all prepared press Publish to begin to sell them in line store. Mark the price that you believe convenient and start your business of stickers in Line Creator.

The third and last step is that all users of line can use their topics and stickers that post in LINE STORE:

As Create stickers?

Mainly we will create the animation of the Sticker.

– Change the configuration of the stickers to get different in “Images of Sticker”. Once you have already made the settings you will no longer be able to return to the previous.

– You must indicate all sizes in pixels.

– Each image may have 1 MB maximum.

– When juntes all images in a ZIP file, it cannot exceed 20 MB.

Margins of the sticker

There is a need for a margin of approximately 10 pixels between the cropped image and content. Please note the variation of the stickers when you make your designs.


The best stickers

The stickers that are better understood and express sentiments and simple features are the best and which are recommended.

Stickers Not Recommended

– With little variety, with muted colors and not very clear and numbers.

– stickers that are related with the offended people, alcohol of minors, tobacco consumption and images that show violence or nationalism.

– The stickers more difficult to use in talks common are those that show objects or landscapes.

– Stickers large and with poor visibility.

Other points to take into account

– You will not be able to sell content to announce any Internet service, instant messaging application or any app that is not LINE. Nor characters or images of these services.

– When you think stickers and want to bring them to the sale may not be used for advertising purposes. You cannot include advertising in any image of the stickers, titles or in the description of the texts.

– It is forbidden to sell stickers showing personal information or identification.

Image Stickers Animated

– As we have said before, the images for the animations should be made in PNG format by adding the specialized tools as APNG Assembler.


– No more than 320 pixels wide by 270 high each sticker.

– One of those images has to be from 270 pixels.

– You can add up to 4 replicates per sticker always and when does not last longer than 4 seconds.

– You can include from 5 to 20 frames PNG for each APNG.

– If you make your animations with APNG Assembler and use a similar image continuously, creates a single frame.

– Do not repeat much the same image of always because but all the frames are not will be able to upload your designs.

– It is recommended to use an RGB color mode.

– The maximum size for each picture is 300 KB. To gather all the images in a file, it cannot exceed 20 MB.

When the animation this stop, the image APNG will be the first to appear next to the title in LINE STORE.

– If you are looking for some way to make the files APNG are better, it is recommended to use Firefox, but especially if you are going to review the animations, make sure it is updated.

– Transparent Backgrounds.

– Do not worry about the playback button because this same already adds only and does not need to include it in the designs.

Creation of frames PNG

It is necessary that the images of the animations are 320 wide by 270 as high as maximum. Keep in mind when making your designs.

  • All the frames of the APNG must have the same measures.

Tips for creating your stickers animated

  1. Creating animations

One of the recommended ways to make your creations is the Adobe Creative Cloud.

  1. Creation of APNG

Step 1: Crop the edges.

Step 2: Configure the main picture and the order of the frames.

Step 3: Adjusts the size of the file.

Step 4: Creating the animation APNG.

Step 5: Review if the animation APNG works.

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