iPhone apps

iPhone apps

Apple has been able to give exclusivity to your iPhone, has always been one of the marks with more level in the world of Apps. Here we can see the most commonly used applications in 2016 for iPhone both the payment as the free.  Let us begin with some games, apps photo retouching, music, social networks, chat applications and Apps messaging, among many others.

• Minecraft: the version of Minecraft Pocket, is a game very famous, since it came out in 2011 and has not stopped to have downloads on both PC and mobile or tablets, later came out for PS3 and the other consoles. This is to survive in a world collecting materials to create your house, where there are Zombies, Creepers (which are a few bugs greens that when they see you persecute you and when they are near you exploit), Bruges (you poison), etc… To survive you are going to have to build objects with the materials that you find and with them, also, build your own house or shelter.

Minecraft Poket

• Plague Inc., is another of the many games that came out in 2012 and which have been growing in one aspect, popularity. This game is about a plague of diseases that are emerging in different countries and you have to consider them as you go from level and missions.

Plague Inc

• LightX – cut and join, application is a photo retouching quite popular as downloads in 2016. This application of photo retouching allows you to cut and paste parts of a picture with another. Not only that but you can also decorate your image or photo to your liking to boast the best photo of your gallery, in addition to customizing your selfies.

Lightx one of the best apps photographic

• Clash Royale, the game of the year! A game that came out in February 2016 and that the principle was only allowed for some countries such as Canada and some other more. But after about a month and a half was already available in the entire world and it was when it started to have many downloads in a few weeks. To the point of reaching have nearly 100 million downloads. And I wonder which will in particular this game to get as many downloads. As you already know Clash of clans also succeeded in its time and Supercell began working on Clash Royale. Clash Royale is a game where you go from sand in sand, to do this you have to fight battles online and go winning trophies, using your troops in the form of letters. Also iras unlocking chests where in them you will discover new cards with many levels, what would be troops. Of these letters we can find several types of letters that these have many. In order from simple to more complex or good are: the common, the Special, the epic and the legendary. And then we also have different Chests: The Coffers Free (wood), the coffers of silver, the chests of gold, the coffers of crowns, the coffers giants, the coffers Magical, the coffers Supermagicos and finally the coffers that are achieved in tournaments that give you a great many letters.

Custom Logo Clash Royale

• Spotify Music, is one of the Best Apps of music, because with it you can be playing,chatting, doing what you want while playing your favorite music. Is an application that has a search magnificent because you can find your songs with the name of the singer, with the name of the song or the album in which this the song of the artist you want. In addition you can listen to your music without having to go to Spotify each time you just a song you can create your own playlist. But the problem is that every X songs you see an advertisement that interrupts your music and that is why Spotify contains an app Premium Spotify. This allows you to pay ¬ 4.99 per month for not having any kind of interruption is your playlist from your muisca.

Custom Logo Spotify

• Instagram, one of the largest social networks for mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. This app allows you to hang photos, of which all the you can edit, and friends who follow you and that you also follow can see them, give Like and comment on anything. To part you can have your profile Instagram in private, which means they will only see the people who follow you and that you have authorized the follow-up. It also includes a chat called Direct, that lets you talk with anyone of your followers both in private and in groups that you can create your or your friends. In summary is an app that lets you hang pictures and that only your followers can see them, react and give them to like. But you can also talk with an instant messaging chat in private or group basis. Instagram is a social network and photographic an app fantastic!

Great Logo of Instagram


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