We show you the Gloss Bomb of the collection of Rihanna

The Gloss Bomb has very good reviews of the connoisseurs in labial
Rihanna ventured into the world of cosmetics producers and under his signature Lip Gloss is the Bomb, the product of which they say it is ideal for all skin types, what makes it universal. As a first impact, its exterior design, it is charming, modern, full of curves, is a luminizador brown and lasting effect, in addition to wetting

We show you the Gloss Bomb of the collection of Rihanna
We show you the Gloss Bomb of the collection of Rihanna

What busamos in a labial?
When we walk in search of a lip balm, the first thing we appreciate is your exterior design, the beautiful and developed from its case, its color, shape, the complete design, up to the letters. Subsequently we uncover and the first thing we do is to smell it, her scent, to perfumes almost always attracts us and influences in its acquisition.
Also we tried and we look at its texture, color, durability, odor, shades in which comes the latest product and we look at the mark, almost always we opted for a recognized brand, and with affordable prices.
Gloss Bomb of the collection of Rihanna
when we encounter the Lip Gloss Bomb, we find a product that exudes quality; its outer part is very well developed; its form of hexagon, its silver cover, the same box, and its pocket size i think it is great.

Analyzing the Gloss Bomb
to uncover the Gloss Bomb of the collection of Rihanna, we find ourselves with a gloss in a brown tone with golden sparkles which makes it ideal for almost all skin types, whether they are white and brown.
The case said that offers a voluminizador effect and to prove it, we note that if, shines enough, so that the effect if that is achieved, and also has a very pleasant aroma, warm, sophisticated. It is so comfortable Gloss Bomb that until the applicator is improved, with a much thicker than usual which makes easier the application in a single pass.

With the Gloss Bomb of Rihana, you will get quality at a good price, in addition to modernity, smoothness and moisture

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