I believe that we already know what is a smartphone, but just in case I will leave some things clear. A Smartphone (smart phone) is a mobile phone that displays many more features and functions that a regular mobile phone.

The Best Smartphone from Time

If you want to know what are the models of smartphone more popular, here I am going to show some examples:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphones - bbc - Urdu

  • Samsung Galaxy S7. Animations LED, alarms off and allows you to make calls just by swiping the finger against the sheath.

iPhone 7 Smartphones

  • iPhone 7. With connection LiFi, far faster and more effective.

Motorla Moto X Style Smartphones

  • MOTO X Style. Hexa Core 1.8 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory, Android…

BlackBerry Priv Android Smartphones

  • Blackberry Priv. The first Blackberry with Android system without renouncing to its fantastic and practical physical keyboard.

LG G5 Smartphones

  • LG G5. With interchangeable modules, robot more camera 360 and sound virtual reality.

And all types of mobile phones that are operating system Android, I refer to:

• Nexus 5x.
• Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and many more.

Smartphone features

Among the most prominent features in the Smartphone we can mention the following:

  • To be of a size slightly higher than a mobile can enjoy practical applications and games in our gaming device.
  • The substantial improvement in the connections makes it possible for us to have a connection to the Internet of quality.
  • Have an Internet connection on your smartphone keeps us connected at all times with access to email and web content.
  • One of the major improvements in the Smartphone is the inclusion of photographic cameras of high quality, this allows us to get the best photos in holidays travel or events, without the need to carry a camera much heavier.
  • Perhaps one of the most important features is the ability to execute instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Line, Wechat or Viber. With these applications it is possible to send and receive text messages, pictures and videos instantaneously. These applications have represented a true revolution in the way we communicate with our friends and family.

That we can do with a smartphone?

One of its most important features is that it allows the installation of programs to increase its possibilities is the case of data processing and accessibility to the internet. We are talking about that applications can be created by the device manufacturer, by the operator or by another person.

The Smartphone are a camera with many megapixels, with inner chamber and outside, this allows you to make selfies great.

We have already spoken of the iPad and iPod, we have said that we are very useful to carry but Smartphones even what are more because they are like a computer in small, until you can carry in your pocket.

We call on the Smartphone smart phones simply because it refers to any interface, such as a keyboard in small, touch screen including and with a mobile operating system also adding the menus, keys and all of the applications of this wonderful Smartphone.

Many sellers say that mobile phones that give the sale are smart phones but some of those vendors are wrong simply because those phones do not have the feature that allows you to install additional programs.

Now I am going to count all the features of the smartphone without missing:

– Allows you to connect to your email and to the connection of many of the social networks.

– Contains GPs.

– Account with all the facilities of programs.

– It has the characteristic to enter data including the touch screen or the QWERTY keyboard.

– You will also find Smartphones with internet connection of 4G.

– You can add many of your friends or acquaintances to contacts and also has digital agenda in order to join things that you cannot remember in the long run.

– Allows you to read documents that pass you in different formats such as PDFs.

– You must have with any operating system. Will have a proprietary operating system.

– contains reports external and microSD.

– Rear Camera and front with many megapixels. With internal camera and external with many megapixels as we said before.

– Another of the characteristics of the Smartphone is that you can do many things at the same time as for example receive calls, while watching videos, or while you are looking at other things on your mobile. This allows you to not interrupt some of the tasks that were doing.

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