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ASUS ZenWatch 3 - BBC Urdu

The new ASUS ZenWatch 3 is the evolution of the famous ASUS ZenWatch 2. This is manufactured with stainless steel and a glass with a few edges of 2.5D. Your screen AMOLED touch is 1.39 inches. Its design is circular and has two buttons on the sides with several functions and also includes the possibility to choose between different belts and some belt with Italian leather. It also includes the choice of the different colors of the market as the color silver, pink and gray titanium.

ASUS ZenWatch 3

This fact with the technology HyperCharge. Your processor is the Snapdragon Wear 2100 with 4 cores Cortex A7 to 1.2 GHz. Its storage capacity is 4 GB and 512 MB of RAM. Contains a battery of 340 mAh and an accessory to this extra. It is also resistant to water and dust.

Moto 360 2a generación

This second edition of Moto 360 has changed a lot of respect to its previous version. This new motorcycle 360 made by Motorola has two models: the model that contains a screen of 1.37 inches and another model of 1.56 inches. The new Moto 360 has been perfected positively in all aspects to improve the old model.

The Moto 360 2015 has two type of different battery: the battery small contains a capacity of 300 mAh and the large battery is 400 mAh. And the other features come to be very similar to those of the Smartwatch of last generation. Operation Android Wear with 512 MB of RAM and a processor Snapdragon 400 with an internal memory of 4 GB.

Samsung Gear S2


Samsung has been the first of the manufacturers of Smartwatches to create one with a pivoting frame, we talk about the new Samsung Gear S2. Is a tool that serves to handle different options and even navigate from the main menu with only makes a rotary motion in his wonderful framework. Its design is very special as it is considered one of the most modern and pimps that may have had a Smartwatch. This Smartwatch you can find it in three different models: The S2, the S2 3G and S2 Classic.

This wonderful clock works with the operating system itself from Samsung, the Tizen OS. It is also compatible with mobile phones that use the Android version 4.4 or higher.

Sony SmartWatch 3

This new Smartwatch made by Sony is different to most since its design is very discreet and slightly thin, this new model is Sony Smartwatch 3. You have been criticized but at the same time praise positively.

This Smartwatch has a battery of 420 mAh, we would be speaking of a duration of between one day and a half or two days, all depending on use. Charge via a micro-USB cable for SmartWatches, that means that you could even charge your Smartwatch of Sony with the charger on your mobile, only in the case of that outside Android.

This Sony Smartwatch 3 is composed of a Quad processor ARM A7 to 1.2 GHz, a memory of 512 MB RAM and an internal memory of 4 GB. Also includes Bluetooth 4.0, microphone, NFC and a screen of 1.6 inches with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. Joined this all gives us a total weight of 45 grams! Impressive!

Here, as you may have been able to deduce we show you some of the best Smartwatch that are currently on the market. But later really that we will publish all the information about them in more detail, focusing much more in each one.

ASUS ZenWatch 2

In the IFA in Berlin, was attended by many manufacturers of Smartwatch with a processor Android Wear with several unique designs. It was at that moment when ASUS decided to submit a new and unbeatable Smartwatch. We were talking about the new ASUS ZenWatch 2, with a supreme quality and an unbeatable price.

This new Smartwatch made by ASUS has done what no other manufacturer has come to do: this to the sale by the price of what it would cost to the processor that leads, we are talking about a very low price knowing everything that includes what we can buy by 150 €. This new Asus is a clock that contains a display of 1.45 inches, but we can also find another version with 1.63 inches. We can customize with 3 different colors for our area and 18 bracelets totally different.

LG Watch Urbane

We are talking about one of the best Smartwatch that are currently available for purchase. Is a Smartwatch of Android Wear, despite the fact that in these moments the LG Watch. It exceeds in quality and probably in sales. You could say that LG has endeavored to make this new model of Smartwatches created by LG and the advance of the famous LG G Watch R. is a clock aesthetically modern and very renovated.

The design that offers us the LG Watch Urbane makes the new Premium edition of the famous G Watch R, with some qualities little more superior. With a screen of 1.3 inches, P-OLED of 320 x 320 pixels and a processor Snapdragon at 1.2 GHz.


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