The worst natural disasters since 2000

Natural disasters

Throughout history, human beings we are exposed to any natural phenomenon, including volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes; events that is a normal behavior of the nature but to have contact with humans occur tragedies, emergencies including lost fatal.

Described as a natural disaster to the huge material losses and lives in accordance with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UN/ISDR): ” disasters are not natural, are the result of the omissions and the lack of prevention to the phenomena of nature”.

It is believed that the human being has had to do with the last events where in recent years there has been a high increase in the strength of storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, to whom it relates directly also with climate change.

A natural phenomenon is not a disaster, becomes in this by lack of preparation, training, it is therefore important to be documented and learn how to avoid living a bad time.

Let us make a tour by the recent natural disasters more prominent since the year 2000.

2003: heat wave in Europe

In the middle of summer came the heat wave to stay several weeks, seriously affecting central and southern Europe leaving 70,000 dead.

2004: Tsunami in Indonesia

A 26 December happened the 3er earthquake stronger in recorded history of the earth. Its epícentreo was on the coasts of North Sumatra in Indonesia with a amgnitud 9’1 causing a tsunami that affection to almost all the countries of the Indian Ocean, dying 227.898 people. In Inonesia 130,000 by adding 35,000 missing persons thus eliminating, to entire peoples where survived only a 10º% of its inhabitants.

In Sri. Lanka killed more than 35,000 people in India more than 12,000 and in Thailand More than 5,000, definitively this tsunami is the most victim has caused to the moments.


2005: Huracán Katrina

Formed in the Bahamas, crossed the suereste of Louisiana in a storm category 3, causing the destruction of Florida, Texas and in New Orleans caused the damage stronger leaving 1,800 people killed by the flooding.

2005: Terremoto de Cachemira

Caused 86,000 deaths where a village in India called Uri was eliminated in 80%.

2008: Cyclone Nargis

A category 4 cyclone caused the death of 138,000 people.

2008: Earthquake in China

In Sichuan an earthquake caused the death of 87.587 citizens.

2010: heat wave in Russia

In the summer of this year, the northern hemisphere suffered a great heat wave that left 57.560 fatalities, including persons already ill, drunk trying to calm the heat in the river, in forest fires.In Sichuan an earthquake caused the death of 87.587 citizens.


2010: Earthquake in Haiti

An earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale struck the most populated area of the country, Port-au-Prince with 316,000 people killed. A group of artists and celebrities of Hollywood sang a version of “we are the world” by sending the sales of the song for Haiti.


2010: Earthquake and tsunami of Chile

Considered one of the earthquakes but strong of history with a magnitude of 8’8 degrees on the Richter Scale, about 50 times stronger than that of Haiti, leaving 800 people without life between the earthquake and tsunami.


2011: drought in Africa

Between 50,000 and 100,000 people died, half under the age of 5 years by not being able to escape from this natural phenomenon.


2011: Tsunami Of Japan

In the Japanese islands the tragedy occurred leaving 10,000 missing and 15,000 deceased persons. The impact was so strong that were formed waves of more than 10 meters of height.

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