Today we will give you some tips for hair care

The hair is a woman’s natural adornment and you should keep it neat

Every woman likes to take care of their hair, whether you take the short, medium, long or very long; care should be equal, but much more when you take the extra long hair. Today we want to tell you some techniques for hair care

Today we will give you some tips for hair care
Today we will give you some tips for hair care

The acondionador
After a good shampoo, according to the needs of our hair, you must follow a good conditioner, in general, is the same brand as the shampoo, the conditioner will come all kinds of hair, well if it is fine, medium or coarse texture, straight, wavy or curly hair, the air conditioner is the first product that you must have.

Keep your hair well conditioned makes it easier to comb it and protects the health of the same. You should know that the air conditioner adds moisture to the hair that sometimes the shampoo takes away. The air conditioning function is to penetrate and moisturize hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Also add the brightness and detangles, which makes it easier to style your hair.

You should not forget to leave aside the air conditioner as it can lead to breakage, lack of brightness and reduced to a manageability. Looking for a conditioner that works for your hair type and use it every time you wash or between washes. If you invest and you use a deep conditioner once a week will help to repair damaged hair by free radicals.

The air conditioning does well its functions when it is a recognized brand, when it is done based on vitamins, mineral oils, and to apply it, leave it there for a few minutes, when you remove it, it must be done with warm water, and with a lot of water, to avoid leaving residues, otherwise the hair is greasy

Remember to cut the ends of the hair regularly, drink plenty of water, sunscreen, and protect yourself from the sun, depending on the region where you are

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